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Mission: At Douglas County West Community Schools we create passionate learners by maximizing student achievement through dynamic learning experiences which inspire and provide a quality education for all students within a safe and community-supported environment. We believe…. • Student achievement builds self esteem • Every student can learn and develop through successful experiences. • Each child will be provided educational opportunities that challenge him/her to meet his/her full potential. • Each child is important and is a unique individual with special talents. • The district is accountable to the community for student performance and fiscal responsibility. • Physical and emotional safety is essential for learning. • A positive learning and teaching environment can be created through courtesy and through the mutual respect for the dignity of every person. • The educational process should prepare students to live with and affect change. • Students, parents and teachers share the responsibility for learning. • Public Education is the responsibility of the entire community. Operating Parameters: • The needs and desires of the community will drive our decision making process. • Nothing will take precedence over the pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education program. • We will ensure student learning in a safe and caring environment. • New and existing programs must demonstrate a connection to the district’s mission, beliefs, and objectives. • Behavior that diminishes the self-worth of another person will not be tolerated. • We will select and develop the highest quality staff committed to achieving our mission and objectives. • We will communicate our Strategic Plan in an effort to maintain high levels of student, staff, family and community support.

Jobs at DC West Community Schools

Special Education Teacher, Custodians

DC West Community Schools at Valley, NE

Douglas County West, a growing Class C1 school district, is currently accepting applications for the following positions: • 1.0 FTE High School Speci...

DC West Community Schools
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